Hi friends, I need some Funds

Hi everyone,

The thing is that I have already started the podcast, and you can listen to the first two episodes here ( ). The first two episodes have already been downloaded by more than a 100 people. But I noticed that for the show to be as successful as I want it to be, I would need more funds. Because that’s what I want to do, is to make this podcast as broad as possible and have the tools to do so. The problem is, this is something I want to be as far reaching as I can, and I don’t think I can do it with the money I have.

1) Tools for recording, specifically a portable digital recorder, a mixer, mics and tools (like stands, covers, etc)

2) Funds to be able to interview people at remote and interesting locations, like conferences, events, and out of town areas.

3) Funds to attend festivals and workshops for podcasting and to increase the network of the podcast.

4) Funds for software like Final Cut Pro, and for website and advertising fees.

This podcast is a gigantic passion project of mine, but it’s also something I feel this community needs and I hope it’s the start of something bigger not only for Edmonton but for the communities around it. I would be extremely thankful, and your names would be roll called on the show as much as I can.

Please check out the Go Fund Me page here:

By German V

My name is German Villegas and I have worked with youth and males in a human service capacity for 5 years plus. It was one of my passions to help out males of all kinds in their quest for their own perfect manhood, and to be a better ally to the many marginalized population in my community and beyond.

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