Episode 8: David Shepherd

A couple of weeks ago I emailed the offices of David Shepherd, the MLA for Edmonton-Center, the reason being was that he recently made a speech during the Black Lives Matter rally held on July 8th, giving a voice to People of Color in Edmonton and throughout Canada. His speech was interesting and thought provoking, but I knew that he also spoken out about his struggle and barriers surrounding his own mental health, something that might be seen as weak for a politician, but in his words they are as liberating and strength giving as anything he could hope for.

Mr. Shepherd was happy to sit down with me and talk about his identity, politics, mental health and race.

Stick around after the interview because we’ll have some exciting news about The Modern Manhood Podcast, and other ways you will be able to be informed and enlightened.

You can tweet at David Shepherd @DShepYEG

Tweet at me @modernmanpod or on the instagram @modernmanpod

Email me at modernmanhoodpodcast@gmail.com if you want to be a part of the show.


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