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Episode 23: Adam Rozenhart/Inclusivity of Male Spaces

One of the coolest things of being a part of a growing city like Edmonton, and being in a media savvy and upcoming media such as podcasting, is the chance to connect with other cool people in the city who are just as passionate about how the city changes and looks. There’s a lot of people who are engage to make the city more vibrant, happy, and just a cool place to be.

Adam Rozenhart is one of those people, his love for media messages and passion for standing up for the underdogs has led him to start some of the most successful ideas in Edmonton. This includes websites like No which tracks how many times a homophobic slur is used on twitter, to his collaboration on the OilersNation website, bringing Nerd Nite to Edmonton, and his partnership to bring Pride Tape to hockey. Timely considering that the NHL is starting it’s own Hockey is for Everyone campaign to bring inclusivity to the NHL.

Along with many other things in between, Adam is also a successful podcaster with two shows on the go, one being the popular Ex-Pats which he talks to people who have lived outside of Edmonton.

Adam was a natural for this conversation, just because of his ideas about how to bring people together, inclusivity, his sensitive and cheerful good nature.

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By German V

My name is German Villegas and I have worked with youth and males in a human service capacity for 5 years plus. It was one of my passions to help out males of all kinds in their quest for their own perfect manhood, and to be a better ally to the many marginalized population in my community and beyond.

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