Ep 77: “The Complex Terry Crews” feat Terry Crews (sort of)

Ever since the movement to create better ideals around masculinity, there have been a lot of popular male figures stepping up to the plate to talk these issue. None bigger though than movie and TV star, Terry Crews. I got to hear Terry speak in an event hosted by the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelter, so from then I wonder what is it about Terry Crews that we like? Why is he the flame in which this message gets carried on? Or is he just a man? Flawed like any other?


By German V

My name is German Villegas and I have worked with youth and males in a human service capacity for 5 years plus. It was one of my passions to help out males of all kinds in their quest for their own perfect manhood, and to be a better ally to the many marginalized population in my community and beyond.

2 replies on “Ep 77: “The Complex Terry Crews” feat Terry Crews (sort of)”

It’s only gay men who feel sexually rejected by hetero masculine men and lesbian queer women who are complaining about masculinity. The hetero-sexual population in this is negligible. Anybody can see that. Everything here from the site to the conversation is fake and artificial and predetermined because you can’t afford to be honest. You’re just pushing hetero-sexual people to the right and the queer concentration is getting more and more.

Your part of the world war on men and boys that Christina Hoff Summers try to warn us about. This is not about men as ends in themselves but as means for gay men and feminist women are disproportionately lesbian and queer when you account for those who are simply passive feminist who don’t really contribute to the activism.

The pluralizes of masculinity is to get around gay men who have more female typical brains and cognitive ability so they don’t feel less of a man. All scientific evidence shows that there is only masculinity and femininity and it is particular to androgen and brain development.

Obviously, you must be scared of the masculine consciousness which is waking and starting to recognize what you’ve been up to. Hetero-sexual people are starting to come to gather as even straight women are getting sick of feminist misandry. “On avg., in humans, males are 90% of killers and 78% of victims. In chimps and bonobos, males are 92% and 73%”

All you can do now is try and hide and suppress science. You’re not to get away with it.

You will not divide us. Abusing compassion as a form of passive aggressiveness is an abuse of compassion


So I’m going to allow this comment to stand, but the other comments in which you have spammed this page will not and therefore I will only reply to this comment and not the “lesbian created anti-male” rhetoric which you have internalized and projected onto this page.

This site is not fake obviously, the views are very real. I’m not hiding my pro-feminist stance whatsoever, so I don’t know why you mentioned that it’s cryptic. I’m very proud to say that this site and the podcast is pro-feminist. So I feel because you posit feminism as “anti-male” or “lesbian created” or a “war on men” or even “not backed by science” we’re already at an impasse and I don’t know why you chose to specifically come to my page and state your very unfounded opinions. I could go through all of your claims and refute them as they are either really exaggerated opinions, or just flat out incorrect, but I feel you’re not going to listen to them. Even if you would, I don’t know if I believe you. So really there is no point.

I created the podcast to show the vast variety of masculinities in the world, and how sometimes hegemonic, dominant forces of masculinity threated many forms of society including people who identify as men. Your very defensive stances and the threat that these views give I hope should allow you to pause and reconsider why this is happening? Why did you choose to come to my page and say this? Test your emotions and your defensiveness and really dig in deep of where they come from, where is the deep-seated fear originating?

Unfortunately, I cannot get those answers for you, I would hope that’s between you and your loved ones, and hopefully a therapist (we all need awesome therapists in our lives, I have my own too).

Anyways, this is the last comment of yours that will stand on this page, and I hope you have an awesome day. I really do.


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