Ep 98: “Death Becomes Him”: The Complexity of Death through Kobe Bryant

(CW: Sexual Assault)

I know of Kobe Bryant. I know the titles, I know the 81 points, I know when he wanted to be called Black Mamba like in Kill Bill, I know the commercials, I have even said “Kobe!” when I shoot paper basketballs at garbage cans. I also know about the rape case, I know about Denver, I know about the trial, and I know about the arrest.

What is appropriate to say at these times? And why can’t we say the full story, the full complexity of humanity?

Think Progress Piece: https://thinkprogress.org/the-legacy-of-the-kobe-bryant-rape-case-6a42f159be7b/

Jessica Valenti: https://gen.medium.com/why-do-mens-legacies-matter-more-than-women-s-safety-b832c43735e9

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