Ep 39: Andrew Paul/The Powerful Women Who Shape Your Life

All of those times I changed my career path, they really gnawed at my question of identity. What was I supposed to be? What am I supposed to give out to the world? And it also answered the question that the path for a career, even for yourself was never in a straight line. We’re lucky if that happens.

Andrew Paul faced the same questions of identity. But Andrew is quick to say that his story is not singular, and it is actually helped along with the many fantastic powerful women in his life. We also ask what kind of man am I if I’m not doing my passion?  Who shapes our passions? And who questions them?

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Ep 38: Kristian Basaraba/Punk Rock Fatherhood

Kristian Basaraba grew up on punk rock, and his idols were punk rock singers. But he didn’t play or he didn’t sing, but he still wanted to do something punk rock. Being a dad he saw didn’t look punk rock, so Kristian has injected a bit of it to the Dad movement.

raddadHe paired up with a local designer (Nigel Hood)and created a skull and hearts logo to make Rad Dads, a chapter of a group down in the states of positive, active fathers wanting to create a network of empowered dads in the community. Why did he want to do it though? What brought him to a place of saying I want to build something cool for my son and for other little kids? And why dads?

Well his story has heartbreak and lessons learned, and his story should be heard.

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On this episode we talk about Robert Webb of Mitchell and Webb fame, and his fight against traditional gender normative, especially as a man.

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Episode 36: Carolyn Petit from “Feminist Frequency”/Discrimination and Masculinity in Video Game Media

Today we’re going to continue our exploration of things “nerdy.”  by talking about video games. And to help us, I invited Carolyn Petit who is the managing editor for Feminist Frequency. Now you might have heard of Feminist Frequency because of it’s executive director Anita Sarkeesan who was a prominent player in Gamergate. But besides this whole mess, I was more interested in how an almost male dominated platform as video games has effects in masculinity.

How we see ourselves in this monster of a medium, in which many boys partake in, and how we can work to show a more wholesome narrative. Carolyn not only has experience in critique of these platforms, she’s also worked at GameSpot.com and is herself a transgendered woman. And we get a chance to talk about all of this.

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Episode 35: Brandon Schatz/Comics, Introverts, and Wonder Woman

Wonder Women came out in May, and along with it came a wake of good feelings, well wishes, and empowerment among women superhero lovers. Now of course, with anything involving geeky fandoms and women, the trolls came out. First it was whining about the all female screening of Wonder Woman in Texas, and then the just souring of the movie as some sort of “propaganda tool.”

Not only that we see it not just with women characters, but also any characters that don’t fit the white male archetype. I’m thinking of Squirrel Girl, Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, and Black Panther. Why do men, specifically white men, get so riled up with the diversity this industry needs?

Well I brought in a lived experience expert, Brandon Schatz, co-owner of Varient Edition comics here in Edmonton. He’s got expert knowledge as to why males behave this way, and it has a lot to do with the history of the matter, he’s also indirectly lived the sexism when opening his store with his wife Danica. Besides that we’re also going to talk about his own life as a business owner, his life as an introvert who helps other introverts, and why he puts his money where his mouth is.

Question of the Episode: What was the coolest, most selfless thing another man has done for you? Send me your anwsers at @modernmanpod

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Ep 34: Ashley Thomson/Studying Masculinity in Australia

When you work in any type of professional field, you usually end up meeting the same cast of characters. Working in what some people call the “men sector,” the people that are committed to issues like ending violence against women, creating healthy masculinities, and working with male victims is pretty small. Especially locally. One of the perks of doing this podcast, and living in a world where people are connected via social media, is that you get a chance to connect with people all around the world. Ashley Thomson is one of those people. Ashley started up the website Homer, dedicated to creating conversations around masculinity.

Through this interview we’re going to talk about why he started Homer, his feelings of connections with other male friends, his time though depression and what helped him get out of it, and the things two people wondering about the same thing from other parts of the world have in common.

Homer: http://homeronline.com/

Homer’s Half Hour Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/homer-half-hour

Episode 33: Nate Proctor/Radical Self-Awareness

Have you ever looked at your body, looked in the mirror, and just hated it? So much so that you would go out of your way to not do things like go swimming, take off your shirt, and maybe even have sex with the lights off always. The concept of body image which in the past was something that for the most part gets attributed to women, now we can say that it affects both men and women. The policing of bodies though does happen in a higher frequency for women than it does for males, and I believe that’s one of the many reasons why we do focus a lot in respect to body image with women. But men definitely suffer through it, I know I have. Nate Proctor also has, and he took to YouTube to do what he thought was an almost impossible task, take off his shirt for everyone to see.


Nate did this because he knows the value of self-love, self-awareness, and how we can be more vulnerable with each other. He shares this message through his very popular Instagram account, his Youtube channel, and his articles he has written for Huffington Post.  He knows this because he too has suffered through a lot, addiction, homelessness, and depression. But he uses the lessons he has learned to share with everyone, and that’s what we’re going to do here, listen about his life, his lessons, and what we as men can take out of this.

Nate talks about two books on the podcast:

  1. Cheryl Strayed: Tiny Beautiful Things
  2. Ann Patchett – What Now?

Episode 32: Elliott Tanti and Michael Vecchio Pt 2/The Effects of Multiculturalism in Males

On today’s show, we go a little more personal, and speak directly about Elliott and Michael’s background as first-generation Canadians and how their family households made them unique participants in the line for political commentators.  How their dads set them up to be more sensitive and vulnerable males, and how they enjoy each other as male friends. Not only that we speak to the masculinity and politics of Justin Trudeau, and the way some conservatives have pegged liberal masculinity. Particularly around the word “cuck”

That and a lot more in my second part of talking to Elliott Tanti and Michael Vecchio from The Highlevel Showdown


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