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Episode 23: Adam Rozenhart/Inclusivity of Male Spaces

One of the coolest things of being a part of a growing city like Edmonton, and being in a media savvy and upcoming media such as podcasting, is the chance to connect with other cool people in the city who are just as passionate about how the city changes and looks. There’s a lot of people who are engage to make the city more vibrant, happy, and just a cool place to be.

Adam Rozenhart is one of those people, his love for media messages and passion for standing up for the underdogs has led him to start some of the most successful ideas in Edmonton. This includes websites like No which tracks how many times a homophobic slur is used on twitter, to his collaboration on the OilersNation website, bringing Nerd Nite to Edmonton, and his partnership to bring Pride Tape to hockey. Timely considering that the NHL is starting it’s own Hockey is for Everyone campaign to bring inclusivity to the NHL.

Along with many other things in between, Adam is also a successful podcaster with two shows on the go, one being the popular Ex-Pats which he talks to people who have lived outside of Edmonton.

Adam was a natural for this conversation, just because of his ideas about how to bring people together, inclusivity, his sensitive and cheerful good nature.

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Episode 19: Tyler Bentley/The Work of Gratitude

Sometimes, stress and anxiety lead people to addiction and the feeling that you are isolated, especially dealing with your ideas of masculinity. The feeling that you cannot talk to another guy because they might not understand, or push you away, or make you feel awkward. This brings me to the guest in this week’s episode: Tyler Bentley, an Edmonton man, who contacted me and we sat down in the bowels of MacEwan University (that’s why you hear a little background noise) and asked me to help him share his story, one that involves these themes of disconnection, addiction, introspection, anxiety, and recuperation. And in the end, the revelation of his own masculinity and his own soul.

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Music by Adam Johen and Dunmore Park from Night Vision

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Episode 18: The Awesome Modern Manhood Hour

Last month, I got a chance to meet the makers of number 1 rated podcast in Vue Weekly’s best of, the Awesome Hour. And as it turns out they are just laid back, chill guys who love to gab and have a tight brotherhood together. I really wanted to dive deep in what made their friendship tick, and also how they view things like fatherhood and masculinity in general. I also just wanted to hang out with genuinely cool guys. So we decided to do something a little special and a little different, we mixed the two shows up. There’s a lot of Awesome Hour in this episode, so you’ll get to hear a lot more chatting about fun stuff, and also try to bring a little MMP to Awesome Hour. It was super fun and Alec, Ivan, and Corbo treated me like family.

So we decided to collab on this and put this on both of our channels and hopefully we can do this again because it was a blast.  After this episode, check out The Awesome Hour on Soundcloud/theawesomehour or on iTunes. Or on You might even see some of the stickers in an around town. As always you can reach me at modernmanpod on twitter and Instagram. And all of the episodes are on itunes and on

Next week we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programs with great interviews. I just wanted to share this with you the same time the Awesome Hour did.

All music is from Night Vision, and as always check out the awesome dudes and dudettes from Men Edmonton

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Episode 15: Harrison Oakes/Masculinity in Gay Males Part 1


Today on this show, we have PhD student from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo Ontario, Harrison Oakes. Harrison studies the roles of threat and defense in prejudice (e.g., masculinity threat and subsequent homophobic behavior/cognition) and the interaction of power and status with anxiety in shaping cognition and emotion. He has also written two nationally-disseminated teacher’s guides for bullying awareness. Harrison is a gay male, and I had the pleasure of recording him for the show twice. The first time though, the audio was lost. But Harrison graciously agreed to do it again, and we had a great chat that was filled with information and theory and just great stories that I had to split it into two shows. So next week, you’ll get a bonus MMP with the second part of this convo, lucky you!

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This episode is brought to you by the team at Men Edmonton.

The music has been brought to you by Adam Johen from Night Vision. He’s the guy who made the new intro song, and the teacher at the Night Vision Music Acadamy. If you want to learn more about DJ’ng and producing from someone who’s already making some amazing stuff, sign yourself up for their Winter classes.


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Episode 14: Jeremy Loveday/Living with Vulnerability

Before I get to the interview I have some homework for you to do, go check out Jeremy Loveday’s 3 min poem called “Masks Off.” which I posted before. It’s a powerful statement to how we affect each other, and how we can support each other and especially women during the White Ribbon campaign. Now I had the pleasure and honor to chat with this award-winning slam poet, turned Victoria B.C. city counselor. Jeremy tells us why he wanted to share his passion to change his culture around him, growing up as a sensitive child, how his father has been his role model, and of course we get to talking about Donald Trump. Because we unfortunately cannot avoid THAT any longer. So in his own words, we’ll find out the views of manhood in the eyes of Jeremy Loveday:

Jeremy talks about social isolation which coincidentally is a subject in review right here in Edmonton. Check out what Edmonton is doing in regards to mental health and isolation especially during the winter month. Or as Jeremy said, find out who is your one friend who you can reach out to.

Night Vision is an Edmonton-based collective of producers, DJs, and artists trying to make electronic music awesome and relevant here in the YEG. They are one of the many amazing people trying to make Edmonton dance. Night Vision has graciously allowed me to use their tunes as music for the show, which includes the opener and the background music. The music that you heard from this episode was from a band called Dunmore Park.

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