Ep 102: Our Aging Men w/ the men from Men’s Shed

COVID-19 affects the aging population at a greater risk than it does anyone else. Self-isolation we hear time and time again is not so much for us not to get the virus, but it’s so we don’t transmit it to the aging population who are at a higher risk to die. So for this Modern Manhood, you will hear from three aging males tell their stories of their life and the struggles they may face before we even knew about the coronavirus.





Ep 101: Introducing – “Cold Takes” w/ Veronika Ilich

In this episode of Modern Manhood, we’re going to start something new and hopefully something continous. A way of reacting to the news cycle and having some fluid conversations with someone who is not only a good friend, someone who came up in the volunteer space around gender about the same time. Introducing “Cold Takes” a space to talk about articles and everyday life with my co-host Veronika Ilich, coordinator for Next Gen Men.

In this episode, we talk about BBC report about worldwide UN gender studies. And another report where it showed mothers being more unpleasant about little boy’s emotions than fathers.


100: “The Future of Masculinity” w/ People from MensLib and Next Gen Men

For the 100th episode of Modern Manhood, I want to think about the future. I asked people from the r/MensLib and Next Gen Men community to send me recordings of what they think the future of masculinity would be like. And you will hear my thoughts on the future of politics and culture in regard to gender. As well as ponder about the end of gender.

Everyday Sociology article: https://www.everydaysociologyblog.com/2018/06/the-future-of-gender.html

MM100 Party!: https://www.facebook.com/events/614647642701514/

Ep 99: Modern Manhood v/s Modern Manhood with Cleo Stiller, author of Modern Manhood, the Book

Cleo Stiller is the writer of Modern Manhood: Conversations about the Complicated World of Bring a Good Man Today, and we had an awesome chat about the book Modern Manhood, (obviously our values align here) and where the conversation about some of these tough issues around gender begin, and where we can go.

As well, there is a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

You can find Cleo at cleostiller.net


Ep 98: “Death Becomes Him”: The Complexity of Death through Kobe Bryant

(CW: Sexual Assault)

I know of Kobe Bryant. I know the titles, I know the 81 points, I know when he wanted to be called Black Mamba like in Kill Bill, I know the commercials, I have even said “Kobe!” when I shoot paper basketballs at garbage cans. I also know about the rape case, I know about Denver, I know about the trial, and I know about the arrest.

What is appropriate to say at these times? And why can’t we say the full story, the full complexity of humanity?

Think Progress Piece: https://thinkprogress.org/the-legacy-of-the-kobe-bryant-rape-case-6a42f159be7b/

Jessica Valenti: https://gen.medium.com/why-do-mens-legacies-matter-more-than-women-s-safety-b832c43735e9

Ep 97: “Not for Everyman – Critiquing EVRYMAN” with Barrett Swanson

Today, we speak to writer Barrett Swanson, who attended an EVRYMAN men’s retreat and wrote about it for Harper’s for a piece titled “Men at Work”. He will tell us through his eyes, what some of the red flags, emotionally, physical, and sociological groups like EVRYMAN can be.

You can find Barrett at: https://www.barrettswanson.com/

Men At Work you can read here: https://modernmanhoodpodcast.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/c9738-swanson11-01-19.pdf


Ep 96: The Decade of Masculinity Pt 2 w/ Jake Stika

In the last episode of Modern Manhood, we surveyed the landscape of masculinity in the last ten years starting from Tony Porter’s Man Box and the election of Rob For all the way to the end of 2017

In this episode, the first of 2020, we continue the conversation with Jake Stika, Executive Director at Next Gen Men, highlighting what caused ripples in the world of gender and masculinity.

Starting from Van Attack in Toronto all the way to the Don Cherry firing, finishing off with what we think the next ten years will look like for us and this world