Episode 15: Harrison Oakes/Masculinity in Gay Males Part 1


Today on this show, we have PhD student from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo Ontario, Harrison Oakes. Harrison studies the roles of threat and defense in prejudice (e.g., masculinity threat and subsequent homophobic behavior/cognition) and the interaction of power and status with anxiety in shaping cognition and emotion. He has also written two nationally-disseminated teacher’s guides for bullying awareness. Harrison is a gay male, and I had the pleasure of recording him for the show twice. The first time though, the audio was lost. But Harrison graciously agreed to do it again, and we had a great chat that was filled with information and theory and just great stories that I had to split it into two shows. So next week, you’ll get a bonus MMP with the second part of this convo, lucky you!

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Good news day! Northern Content Network and Night Vision

Lately, we have gotten a little bit of fortune here at MMP that I wanted to share with you.

First thing, I really wanted to have awesome music for the podcast, but because of rights agreements with artists or whatever, I could only pick from songs that had were free under Creative Commons. Not only that, they were not really connected to anything, they were just cool tunes. But because one of the themes of MMP is connection and community, I reached out to the awesome folks over at Night Vision Music Academy here in Edmonton to see if they would allow me to use their tunes for the show. They loved the show and graciously agreed, so I’m proud to say that all the music is by Night Vision. The cool things is that they provide training for aspiring producers and DJ’s so you can also make awesome tunes like they do. Check out their classes and connect with really awesome dudes.

Secondly, one of the better Canadian podcast networks has added me to their lineup. The Northern Content Network is home to great award winning podcasts like 30Minuteweek, The 4Th Line, What It Is (Taylor Chadwick‘s pod), The Movie Jerks, Cups n Cakes, etc etc etc. These are all great, great, great news in regards to visibility and most importantly CONNECTION.

We can all use a little more connections these days, right?

Episode 14: Jeremy Loveday/Living with Vulnerability

Before I get to the interview I have some homework for you to do, go check out Jeremy Loveday’s 3 min poem called “Masks Off.” which I posted before. It’s a powerful statement to how we affect each other, and how we can support each other and especially women during the White Ribbon campaign. Now I had the pleasure and honor to chat with this award-winning slam poet, turned Victoria B.C. city counselor. Jeremy tells us why he wanted to share his passion to change his culture around him, growing up as a sensitive child, how his father has been his role model, and of course we get to talking about Donald Trump. Because we unfortunately cannot avoid THAT any longer. So in his own words, we’ll find out the views of manhood in the eyes of Jeremy Loveday:

Jeremy talks about social isolation which coincidentally is a subject in review right here in Edmonton. Check out what Edmonton is doing in regards to mental health and isolation especially during the winter month. Or as Jeremy said, find out who is your one friend who you can reach out to.

Night Vision is an Edmonton-based collective of producers, DJs, and artists trying to make electronic music awesome and relevant here in the YEG. They are one of the many amazing people trying to make Edmonton dance. Night Vision has graciously allowed me to use their tunes as music for the show, which includes the opener and the background music. The music that you heard from this episode was from a band called Dunmore Park.

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Tomorrow there will be a new episode of MMP, with none other than slam poet turned City Counselor, Jeremy Loveday. We’re going to talk all things masculinity, but it starts with this powerful emotional and important piece of art. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you pay attention tomorrow when I will drop the new episode.

MMP Featured on Metro News

Yesterday I was lucky to be interviewed because of The Modern Manhood Podcast by Metro News. They asked me a bunch of questions about the pod, and I’m very happy in how the article turned out. If you want to read more about how and why MMP was made, and what makes it special check out the article below:


Episode 13: Tyler Waye/How do we solve the Gender Wage Gap?

Our guest for this episode is the mind of Tyler Waye. Tyler is a man on a mission trying to re energize the working structure of the modern world, and engage with people to understand what makes them drive and what makes them do their best work. Tyler is also a university football coach, and a fiery presenter for youth and adult alike. Tyler was also in Avenue’s Top 40 Under 40.

But all of this doesn’t encapsulate all of Tyler, as he is a man with passion for positive change and before I talked to him, he asked me if I could specifically mention and discuss the gender wage gap, a topic he has a lot of ideas about. He also heads up the We Stand conference for young leaders which he has taken to Edmonton and China. We’re going to hear all of that in his own articulate words.

Check out Tyler’s Book “I Went To School That Long For This”, also you can read more about him at his website and blog tylerwaye.com, or on his Twitter @TylerWaye

Episode 12: Michael Hingston/Should fathers kiss their son?

I’m so happy to share with you the interview I had with writer, father, and thinker of cool thoughts, Micheal Hingston. Micheal is an author and journalist, with articles written in The Guardian, The Walrus, Salon, The National Post, Wired, etc etc etc.

Mike is also one of the guests that was referred to me by another guest because he wanted to really expand his thoughts on fatherhood, and wanted to share a specific topic. I have to say, I love when both of those things happen, when a guest is referred by another guest, and when they come by with something specific they want to discuss. In this case it was of the nurturing value of a father kissing his son, and how and why he believes it’s important for every father to kiss their son. Between all that, we chat about what it is to raise a son and daughter, what’s it like to be conflicted about a sport you love, and his views about his father.

You can see what Micheal has been up to, and read his articles at his website 

You can also buy his book The Dilettantes in Amazon or his other project, The Short Story Advent Calendar. Michael also mentioned a series of books he’s been reading called The Neapolitan Novels and they are done by Elena Ferrante. And last but not least, give Michael a follow on Twitter and tell him how much you liked hearing his voice