Ep 41: Man and his Penis w/ Laura Dodsworth (NSFW Pictures inside)

When the media, schools, and society at large speak the issues of body image and how it affects your self-esteem, we usually hear about from a female lens. We don’t think of this as a male issue, but I can tell you honestly that the majority of men face body issue problems. And I think men of all sexual orientation have a specific relationship with their penis.

UK artist and photographer, Laura Dodsworth started a project to help women deal with body issues called Bare Reality in which she invited 100 women to bare their breasts for a photo book, and then have them share their stories around body image. She then asked, why can’t I do this for men? So she created Manhood: A Bare Reality in which she asked 100 men to bare their penises (NSFW pic) (Picture is Copyright of Laura Dodsworth). This was all in an effort to normalize the way we look at penises, and especially for men to show us a real version of what a penis looks like. We had an awesome chat about the process and the privilage of asking 100 men about their penis.

Copyright Laura Dodsworth

You can order Manhood: The Bare Reality from Amazon in Canada right now and if you get a chance take a look at this blog post about the process that Laura has gone into to making this book. Along with all the press she has done for the project.

The Man of The Hour was Simon Gorsek, check out the episode to find out why. This episode was sponsored by the Edmonton Community Foundation and as always The Alberta Podcast Network, powered by ATB.

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Information Session 2: Men’s Mental Health with Jessica Craig

For today’s episode, I wanted to speak directly about men’s mental health and how men have problems getting the help they need either through the system that creates barriers or the society that sees them in a different light. This ties hand in hand with Men’s mental Health Awareness Day on June 13.

So for this, I wanted to speak to a front line worker here in Edmonton that deals directly with people with mental health disorders and problems. Jessica Craig has been helping kids and adults with mental health problems for years now, and is now an intake worker for a prominent place in Alberta. Lucky for me, she’s got a keen particular interest in men’s mental health, and also is a good friend of mine. I was lucky to share a bowl of pho with her, and sat down on her couch with her dog Zoe to speak about the issues that she sees in the front line.

Some of the links I have mentioned: