Ep 79: “Why is it Hard for Men to Call themselves Feminists?”

Even in the year 2019, there is a worry about the label of feminism when it comes to men. I just want to be clear, when I get a chance to talk to a lot of men there’s a lot they agree with in regards to pro-feminist values. You know except a few idiots here and there that try to be contrarian. It might feel like those idiots are everywhere but they’re not. Not that I see anyways, I see a lot of guys that are confused, misinformed, feeling shamed, feeling anxious about what they should support. They’re worried that if they embrace the word feminism, that they are more prone not only from other men but from women who are now holding them to a much higher standard.

My question is, why is that label so hard to embrace? why is it so hard for men to say that they are feminist?

Men’s Lib Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/MensLib/comments/b9vs3u/do_you_believe_that_menslib_should_be_considered/

and my episode with Matthew Hodges from MensLib

The Man’s Survey: https://www.chatelaine.com/survey-define-masculinity/

Ep 78: “Fatherhood and Equity: Paternity Leave and Mentorship” with Michael Janz and Eric Arthrell

The brunt of parenting and the fathers who are working to make a better more equitable world is tough when you think about ideas like paternity leave and mentorship. We’re going to talk to two individuals who are taking these two outcomes to reality. Two fathers, two lives, and their thoughts around gender, and fatherhood in modern world.

Eric Arthrell: https://matemodern.com/

Michael Janz: http://www.michaeljanz.ca/about-me and albertamentors.ca

SHIFT Report: https://preventdomesticviolence.ca/no-man-left-behind-how-and-why-to-include-fathers-in-government-funded-parenting-strategies/

Promundo Report: https://promundoglobal.org/programs/state-of-the-worlds-fathers/#



Ep 77: “The Complex Terry Crews” feat Terry Crews (sort of)

Ever since the movement to create better ideals around masculinity, there have been a lot of popular male figures stepping up to the plate to talk these issue. None bigger though than movie and TV star, Terry Crews. I got to hear Terry speak in an event hosted by the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelter, so from then I wonder what is it about Terry Crews that we like? Why is he the flame in which this message gets carried on? Or is he just a man? Flawed like any other?


Ep 76: Women, Men, Violence, and Hockey

Hockey, one of the most masculine sports in Canada. So much so, that a lot of Canadians feel a certain set of confidence when we measure it up with other sports. In the manliest of manliest of professional sports in Canada, how does masculinity play with how we view violence and gender? We speak to Tim Skuce from Brandon University and Megan McCormick.


Ep 75: “The Restriction of Boys’ Potential” with Carrie Starbuck and Nick Sandor

Youth for the most part, they understand the rules but usually hate playing by them, and question why they’re there to begin with. In their eyes issues like gender and equality are night and day and they question why don’t adults understand? So how do we teach youth when adults are fighting this battle as well. How do we teach boys when men are confused as well?

This episodes includes conversations with Carrie Starbuck from Happy Lands and Nick Sandor from Man Made

A clip from CBC Metro Morning with Matt Galloway is included

“Teaching Boys” with Jonathan Reed and Brendan Kwiatokski

A lot of think pieces came out after the story of the Covington young men, and many focused on the social education of young men, and of the work educators of all stripes need to do create healthy role models for men. So we will talk to two young male healthy relationship teachers (Jonathan Reed, Brendan Kwiatokski), and hear from youth as well.


Ep 73: “Why is it so Hard to talk about Gender?” with Al Harris, Nick Sandor, and Elliott Tanti.


In the past few years there have been countless and countless examples of how gender has shaped our conversation, and how a lot of men and society are working to have this conversation around masculinity. #MeToo has ignited that conversation ten fold. For this episode I wanted to go back to those instances and talk about that……but then a perfect little storm happened when Gillette focused their new ad campaign tackling Toxic Masculinity

We will explore the ad and the discussion around it with Al Harris, Nick Sandor, and Elliott Tanti.

We also used clips from the FBE series Reaction as well as Gillette’s original commercial