Ep 72: “What’s Next for men?” with Robert Kandell

Robert Kandell is an accomplished teacher, coach, and lecturer, helping men find themselves and utilize their internal power for fourteen years.

He is the host of the well-known podcast, Tuff Love and is currently writing his book, unHIDDEN – A Book for Men and Those Who Are Confused By Them.     In here we talk about men’s feelings, mens’ next steps, and you’ll also listen to me ramble on and on about systemic change. Stay tuned.

Ep 71: “The Year in Review” with Jake Stika

In 2018, a lot of things happened, and it’s hard to encapsulate all of what happened, and all the thoughts around gender and masculinity I had into a lot of what went on. Maybe it’s my bias, but it felt to me like a lot of the news had a space where gender fell into it. It was astonishing. So to help me not only look back and think forward, I invited my buddy, Jake Stika who is the Executive Director of Next Gen Men to take some time dissecting the year that happened and look forward to the year that is going to be…

Ep 70: “Crying in Public” Pt 2 with Trent Wilkie from the “UnDad Podcast”

Trent Wilkie is a writer/journalist/performer in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, and host to The UnDad Podcast. We continue this conversation with Trent and we touch upon subjects like crying in public, and the release of it. As well as answering a question I always had in my mind, why don’t parents give themselves more credit?

We are supported by the Otherwise Show, Let’s Do Coffee, and of course Next Gen Men

Ep 69: “Responsibility” w/ Trent Wilkie from “The UnDad Podcast”

Trent Wilkie is a writer/journalist/performer in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Trent has written for everything from CBC Radio (The Irrelevant Show) to Adbusters to Fangoria to almost every print media in Edmonton. He is also an experienced canoe guide, he in his words “considers the deep dark woods a therapy that only comes at the cost of comfort.” Trent is also a new father late in his life, and someone who was adopted at a young age. This is one of many reasons why I wanted to talk to Trent about his vision for manhood, his ideas around fatherhood, and his wonderings about therapy.

You can find the UnDad Podcast here, or if you go to the Alberta Podcast Network website.

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Ep 68: “Empathy for Boys” with Brendan Kwiatkowski from Re.Masculate


Brendan Kwitkowski, a Ph.D. candidate out of the University of Edinburgh, and a Canadian teacher out of BC, spent his master’s research time wondering why were 81% of students diagnosed with behavioural disorders male? Why are males 4-7 times more likely to commit suicide?

Those questions (among others) led him towards research that held the socialization of males at least partially responsible for these worrying statistics. So he dug further and did some research with young men.



Ep 67: “I’m Afraid of Men” A Conversation with Vivek Shraya

Vivek Shraya is an award winning artist artist who has published many books before but her newest book, titled I’m Afraid of Men, explores how masculinity was imposed on her as a boy and continues to haunt her as a girl—and how we might reimagine gender for the twenty-first century. Not only that, she’s a person who is my age and was raised in Edmonton.

This is why I wanted to talk to her and I was lucky to do just that before she spoke at LitFest and interviewing Tegan And Sara at macEwan university.


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