Modern Manhood: The Podcast

Modern Manhood is a project concentrating on the systems, institutions, and lives that are affected by people performing and acting out dominant expressions of manhood. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Join me, German Villegas, as we explore what ‘manhood’ does to everything else in the modern world.

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This is Modern Manhood.

“The Dress Code: Or the Policing of Young Bodies” Modern Manhood: The Podcast

The dress code is something we have discussed before but just casually, and I just keep thinking what is the big issue with the god damn dress code, why are we spending so much time on it, and why do people have so many different opinions on it. Well let me tell you that the dress code IS a big issue, because it’s a window to how our society treats women, men, our bodies, and our decency.  Articles used:  
  1. “The Dress Code: Or the Policing of Young Bodies”
  2. Cold Takes: Gendered Role Models
  3. “Leaving Teaching” with Garrett Carlson
  4. Cold Takes: “Bro-cialist”
  5. “Men are from Mars”: Gender Essentialism