Modern Manhood: The Podcast

Modern Manhood is a project concentrating on the systems, institutions, and lives that are affected by people performing and acting out dominant expressions of manhood. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Join me, German Villegas, as we explore what ‘manhood’ does to everything else in the modern world.

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This is Modern Manhood.

“Leaving Teaching” with Garrett Carlson Modern Manhood: The Podcast

Today we’re joined with Garrett Carlson from to talk about his ex career, the one of teaching and what made him leave. His frustrations which mirrored my frustrations. This will be the first of a multi part series on the Education System. 
  1. “Leaving Teaching” with Garrett Carlson
  2. Cold Takes: “Bro-cialist”
  3. “Men are from Mars”: Gender Essentialism
  4. Cold Takes – Mask-ulinity/Universal Basic Income
  5. “Inbetween Race and Masculinity” A conversation with Abdul Malik