Episode 27: Shea Emry/Stepping Into Your Truths

I got a text from one of my friends and it said, “You need to check out Shea Emry” and attached was a TED Talk from him. I knew of Shea from an article I read about his retirement as a CFL linebacker. After being engrossed by what he was saying, I sent Shea an email and he gladly obliged.

One of the main reasons I wanted to have the two-time Grey Cup Champ on the show was because he’s a been a voice on the positive tenants of keeping your mental health in check, and he was a great example of doing something for people past your professional career. But as you hear him talk, you find out that this is something that Shea was born to do. You’ll hear about his life as a young man, his fascinations with axes, his views on locker room talk, and the reason he wanted to create Wellmen, a group for men to find their inner vulnerable primal being.

Stick around after the break because I want to invite you to something, but until then here’s Shea Emry.

Men Edmonton is hosting a free movie screening of The Mask You Live In, the Representation Project’s take on masculinity in the modern world. After the movie, we’re going to have a panel conversation with four prominent men about masculinity and what it is to be a man. It’s going to be hosted by Ryan Jespersen, and going to be held in the Garneau Theatre on April 1st. I’m going to be there, if you’re coming let me know, I would love to say hey! I hope to see you there!

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Episode 25: Daniel Letourneau/ How can Men break the Cycle of Abuse?

Daniel Letourneau is a cook that started questioning how his work fed into toxic masculinity, especially in regards to addictions, bad mental health, and an almost macho environment. Along with that, Daniel is also a survivor of child abuse and used this cause to create Food for Thoughts. Food for Thoughts is a campaign that highlights mental health problems in the food industry, and Dan along with Stuart Whyte, and Cory Rakowski used this platform to raise awareness about mental health in the kitchen and to raise funds for male sexual abuse survivors through Momentum Counselling.

Besides being a cook though, Daniel has had a journey into self-discovery which he wanted to share with me and with you. He talks about how he deals with therapy, with feelings of anxiety or stress, and his journey to recovery which involves mindfulness and the outdoors.

To find more of Daniel and Food for Thoughts, check out his Instagram (@fitchefdannyl) and Food for Thoughts Facebook Page

Episode 24: Darren Cheverie/Life of a Sensitive Cook

On this episode, I traveled outside of Edmonton for a stop to my favorite new restaurant, Chartier out in Beaumont. And this time it wasn’t to chow down on their cinnamon buns, or fresh bread. But it was to sit down with its owner, Darren Cheverie. Now Chartier began its life as the most successful crowdsourcing campaign in Canada. Darren and his wife and co-owner Sylvia, put a lot of love sweat and tears to make Chartier come to life. And now 11 months into its life the Cheverie’s wanted to give made Chartier a place you need to visit. But besides their amazing story of restaurant success, they also wanted to shine a light on an undocumented problem: addiction and negative mental health. Especially in the food industry. Darren’s story of loss and grief allowed him to put his money where his mouth is, by affording his staff a mental health fund, which they could use however they like.

You can also check out Sylvia’s story at That’s So Maven . And you can also check out Ben Yendall’s Star Wars RPG Podcast, Tales of the Hydian Way.

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Episode 23: Adam Rozenhart/Inclusivity of Male Spaces

One of the coolest things of being a part of a growing city like Edmonton, and being in a media savvy and upcoming media such as podcasting, is the chance to connect with other cool people in the city who are just as passionate about how the city changes and looks. There’s a lot of people who are engage to make the city more vibrant, happy, and just a cool place to be.

Adam Rozenhart is one of those people, his love for media messages and passion for standing up for the underdogs has led him to start some of the most successful ideas in Edmonton. This includes websites like No Homophobes.com which tracks how many times a homophobic slur is used on twitter, to his collaboration on the OilersNation website, bringing Nerd Nite to Edmonton, and his partnership to bring Pride Tape to hockey. Timely considering that the NHL is starting it’s own Hockey is for Everyone campaign to bring inclusivity to the NHL.

Along with many other things in between, Adam is also a successful podcaster with two shows on the go, one being the popular Ex-Pats which he talks to people who have lived outside of Edmonton.

Adam was a natural for this conversation, just because of his ideas about how to bring people together, inclusivity, his sensitive and cheerful good nature.

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Episode 22: Connor Beaton/Calling Men Forward

It’s really cool to see a lot of organizations working hard to help men out in understanding their own masculinity and to help people in general. One of them that caught my eye is one from Vancouver named ManTalks. Now ManTalks is self-described to help “modern man to evolve. Through authenticity, community, purpose & accountability.” Founded by entrepreneur Connor Beaton, ManTalks wanted to move beyond the psychoanalytic or “support group” model of a men’s group, but instead focus on what makes men in general, excited, focused, and wanting to come back from. His themes of presence, vulnerability, and community were important for him to be a better man and found that it could help others. He does this through his various events in which he invites speakers from all around the world hosted in places like San Francisco, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. A weekly podcast, and specifically a group called Mastermind, in which men make time to connect with each other through intentional gatherings, and they are full of men who in his words “call you forward.” I got a chance to talk to Connor about ManTalks back in November and I’m excited to share this with you.

ManTalks is also host for the Real Talk Summit w/ Gary Vaynerchuk and you can get an early bird ticket for it if you’re in the Vancouver area:





Episode 21: John Morrison/ Hip Hop and Masculinity

If you remember, a while back we spoke to writer Omar Mouallem, among other things I asked Omar, an ex-rapper himself, about hip hop culture. But I wanted to delve a little deeper and lucky enough I stumbled into an article a friend shared with me, a phenomenal three part story for Philadelphia Print Works entitled “B-Boys and Men: Towards a More Holistic Expression of Masculinity in Hip Hop”, highlighting historically how hip hop and rap have used gender and sexual identities. Along with that, asking questions to other male-identifying people about what it is to be a man in hip hop. John Morrison, the writer of the piece is also a born and raised Philadelphian who for most of his life has embodied hip-hop culture. I was so happy to get a chance to talk to John, a musician, a podcaster on Serious Rap Shit podcast, and a generally conscious and educated human being:

If check out John Morrison’s stuff, his amazing album titled Southwest Psychedephia which can be found on Spotify, Tidal, wherever, and will be released on a limited edition cassette in June. Check out John and Josh Indy Leidy’s podcast called Serious Rap Shit if you really want to know what the hell is going in hip-hop.

READ OF THE WEEK: “Evolving with the Five Stages of Masculinity”  by Joseph Gelfer, for the Good Men Project he talks about how to resolve your conflicting feelings within feminism or with any movement.

The Amateaur Podcast Championships

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