Aesthetic clinic Dubai- The Skin Care Treatment

Skin Needling which is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is a treatment done to repair the troubled areas of the skin, penetrating deep into the underlying layers. This process makes use of various needles of different sizes, helping the body to heal in the natural process. It is based on acupuncture, helping in the healing of the wounded area and thereby producing new collagen to protect the skin. This method of skin treatment is going on for a long time and has given many successful results in treating wrinkles, lines, scars, stretch marks and other skin related problems for which you need a long-time solution.

It is a very safe process for the face, back, chest and other body parts. It has been tested and can be relied on on without a doubt. Its working involves various needles of different sizes, specialized roller and stamp mechanism, all of them having specific tasks. Like the needles act together in a specific area while the roller creates tiny punctures leading to the production of new collagen which in turn makes the stretch marks, scars etc. very light or just removes them fully. This treatment is obviously very helpful for people who are fed up with their scars, lines and other marks on their skin but its results depend upon the person’s skin and the problem.

Treating a variety of problems

When you search online about this skin treatment there will many service providers that you will find in your or nearby areas. Their websites will provide you with a clear picture of their work, methods, and prices. From pigmentation, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, scarring, acne scars, loss of elasticity, stretch marks and hypopigmentation, this process helps in full removal or lighting of all these.

Benefits of Skin Needling

There are many other skin treatments but they can be harmful too. Skin Needling has many benefits:

  • It is a rejuvenating process following simple methods.
  • It does not the affect the outer layer of the skin during the treatment.
  • The procedure is faster than other skin treatments.
  • It is tested and does not create usual side effects like sun sensitivity, skin color loss, pigmentation or structural damage.

Safe and painless

It is a very effective process but normally people stay away from it due to the fear of pain and side effects. It is important to know that before the treatment is done anesthesia is applied to the portion that has to be treated and so the treatment does not hurt. You will just have a sensation of some light pressure on the skin while needles are being used. There are no major side-effects as well. You will just have little redness or swelling on the treated portion for one or two days or little bruising but this is all common because of the pressure that has been applied to the skin. After a few days of the treatment, your skin may feel little dry and tight which is due to the production of new collagen and is nothing to worry about.

There are various sessions that have to be completed and slowly you will start seeing the improvement, finally getting rid of your skin problems. You will be guided about the number of sessions, guidelines, important points and other forms of treatment once you visit their website or take an appointment to free yourself from marks that lower your self-esteem and make you feel unhappy. So always choose the Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai for getting quality cleaning options. Do not go over those who are just entering the industry. Instead, choose those who have already got established and have the potential to provide better.

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