How To Fix/ Repair The Bad Credit?

Bad Credits 

This means a person has a history of not paying his bills on time and that by this, there is a surety that they would not spend it in the future also. This is often shown in a low credit score. When a person has bad credit, it will be complicated to borrow money as the lenders consider it risky to offer them loans. Let us discuss how to repair bad credit.

Tips for Repair of bad credit 

– Checking for errors in the credit report 

One should check their credit reports regularly to ensure there aren’t any inaccuracies. These credit mistakes could be closed debts showing open, same deficits appearing many times, and improper balance. When you find any such error on your credit report, you can dispute it by writing to the creditor. 

– Seeing the statutes of limitations 

Make sure to look into bills and accounts you might have missed to check earlier. Verify and make sure that the statutes of limitations on your debts aren’t crossed. 

– Checking your credit usage ratio 

This ratio measures how much credit you have utilized concerning the overall credit limit you have at the moment. It would be best to make sure that only 30% of your credit is used, and going beyond that could cause trouble. 

– Plan on how you pay all the bills on time

Make a strategic plan on how you pay all the bills without fail. The history of your payment makes up 35 per cent of your credit score, so it is necessary to make sure there are no late and overdue payments. One should prioritize paying all the credit card dues. 

A credit counsellor or a financial planner helps create a strategic repayment, and one could also approach such a person. There are also a few NGOs that could help you out in this regard. 

– Utilize programs to increase your credit score 

Specific programs can raise the FICO score by expanding the credit file. They add substitutive data as a part of your credit report. This type of data is not found on traditional credit scoring models.

Two popular programs 

  • UltraFICO – This program is free, and it sees how much of a risk you are at as a borrower.
  • Experian Boost reports all the payments made to the subscription platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. This is also free and could help you boost your credit score instantly.

– Utilize Rent reporting services 

If you pay rent regularly, this service could be a significant advantage. You can subscribe to Esusu or Renttrack, a few rent tracking apps. They give a positive rental payment to your credit report for a monthly fee. Not only these apps, sometimes even the landowners have such properties to keep track of the tenants’ payments. 

– Opting Debt Consolidation 

This consists of tying all your debts into one. Doing this could reduce the interest rate or lower the monthly payments comparatively. This strategy could help individuals with multiple bills to pay and have high credit card interests.

– Avoiding bad habits 

Avoid the opening of new credit cards and the closing of old accounts without a proper strategy. Everything is mainly connected to credit, so closing old accounts and starting new ones could cause unnecessary problems and credit mixes. So, it is preferable to get a credit-builder loan or a secured credit card. 

– Being Patient 

One cannot rebuild bad credit overnight because it’s a slow process. Negative markings and inevitable bankruptcies could stay in the credit report for years. So, it could take years for a person to fix the bad credit and raise. Usually, people who aren’t patient take rash decisions to improve their bad credit and make big mistakes; therefore, one must be very patient. 


An individual needs to maintain a good credit report in today’s world. Repairing is not impossible once a person falls into bad credit, but it could be frustrating and time-consuming. There could be a lot of consequences for having bad credit. So, it is better to take the small steps and fix bad credit to lead a peaceful and trouble-free life. 

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