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What comes easy is always taken for granted. A harsh fact that we all are familiar with and honestly that could be literally anything. From oxygen to clean drinking water, we have access to, mostly our body and how each part helps us to execute daily life functions. But probably the most overlooked aspect of our body is our skin! Skin care is just as vital as taking care of your other organs. Perhaps it is the largest organ in our body, taking care of all other organs. However, having healthy and glowing skin needs adequate care in order for it to realise its full potential. In your busy schedule, you may not give much thought to your skin care routine and other basic habits that are helpful, but the reality is that you should be taking care of it.

One of the most important aspects of the skin care regime is the hair removal procedures. And in today’s age, there are plenty of options available out there for you to try out. From shaving blades to waxing creams, different kinds of razors, powders, medicines and what not. But how many of them are actually reliable and trustworthy? Each of our skin types are very different, and trying out different methods without knowing what’s suitable for you can lead to a lot of unwanted problems like rashes, itchiness, infections etc. So what can be done? What is that one-step solution that would make the process of hair removal easy?

It’s time for a revolution, It’s time for a change.

Generic clinic brings you the groundbreaking treatment of body hair removal. Soprano Ice Treatment. Magically painless and suitable for all skin tones and types. It is the most effective and quickest laser hair removal therapy available in the market right now. And perhaps the best option to pick when you are looking for professional hair removal treatments.

But how does this work?

Soprano Ice Treatment uses the effective ice laser treatment that cools down the skin at chilling levels when the tip is at work. In the meanwhile, the heat is kept inside the dermis, where it is effectively applied to the hair follicles to be removed. The machines used in the process are pretty advanced. The equipment used progressively warms the dermis to a degree that kills the hair follicle and stops hair growth in that particular area. To keep the skin’s surface pleasant and comfortable while targeting the follicles, the section of the gadget that comes into touch with it is ice-cold.

Curious about the results?

The outcomes for each patient who received Soprano Ice Treatment may vary slightly. The hair on the treated region falls out a week after the surgery. Some hair patches may still be visible and that’s completely normal as the laser misses out on some hair follicles in the first session. Patients must repeat the therapy multiple times in order to be completely satisfied with the results.

Soon after 6-8 sessions, the hairs of the treated area become weak and start falling off. At the end of the final session, the patients just need to visit for periodic touch ups to make sure their skin remains smooth and healthy.

So what are the main benefits of Soprano Ice Treatment and why should you consider it?

  1. No pain and No downtime

It is perhaps the most painless way of hair removal, as it doesn’t need any type of invasion.

  1. The Safest Way

According to various studies, it’s the safest way of hair removal and doesn’t have any side effects on the skin.

  1. Long Lasting Effects

The results for this treatment are pretty long-lasting as compared to any other methods of hair removal.

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointments and reach out today!

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