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EICR (Electric Installation Condition Report) is a report given to someone when their electrical appliances are in good condition. An inspection is required to grant EICR. Generally, landlords’ EICR is valid. A qualified electrician can provide an EICR. Sometimes people have to pay if the EICR is not valid. But knowing and comparing various EICR costs is a tedious job. EICR cost depends on several factors. The cost varies according to these factors. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Size of the Property

If a property is vast, inspecting all the electric appliances and wires may take days. Many electricians use extensive labor to test such huge houses/ villas to simplify the process. Thus, the cost of inspecting a large house can be more than usual as it requires patience/ time and enough assistants.

  1. Duration

The duration can severely impact the eicr cost as a more prolonged duration means enormous fees. This goes hand in hand with large houses as they take a few days to get inspected. This is why many villas and bungalows globally are charged more for an EICR test due to their size.

  1. Age of the Property

This factor plays a significant role in the cost of an EICR test. Some ancient properties are too hard to maintain, increasing the risk factor to the members living in that house. Hence, trained electricians have to be extremely careful about the wiring system and electrical appliances in old properties as it can lead to dire consequences. Hence, many of them charge extra for such houses as they involve precision/ accuracy and alertness. As the appliances in an old house are quite old, sometimes it needs to be checked twice or thrice to make sure there is no damage, as giving out a false report would put the technician and the members in danger.

  1. Location of the Property

The location or position of the property plays a vital role in EICR cost. If the property is in the middle of the city and is spacious, the charge could be extra as it is located in a prime area. Rural areas will not charge much for an EICR. Many urban properties charge more. Usually, people are advised to choose a property according to the taxes and EICR issues.

From the above points, it is evident that EICR is a significant thing to consider. Eventually, the appliances can get damaged, and these damaged products can threaten the residents. Thus, it is advised to undergo an EICR test at a reasonable cost to ensure no delay. EICR not only identifies the issue with your appliances but also gives tremendous recommendations to improve the quality of your appliance. Globally, many countries like the United States and the United Kingdom have made it mandatory to present the EICR certificate. Nowadays, it is easier to procure an EICR. To know more about the EICR cost, feel free to look over the web and gather more info.

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