Your Query-Can I Have 2 Pokemon Go Accounts Answered!

Pokemon Go fans are often seen asking, “can i have 2 pokemon go accounts”. Well, here’s the direct answer to it. Absolutely, you can keep two Pokemon Go accounts at once, and whenever you please, you can switch between the two. However, your saved data will belong to the Pokemon Go account where you have been spending your tie recently. However, having two accounts may even backfire if you abuse any of them. But then folks ask, “would they ban me for keeping many multiple Pokemon Go accounts?”. On the basis of “switch account”, you would not be banned. This is because several families employ one device to play the game. 

It is an absurd expectation if Niantic thinks that kids have got their mobile phones to play Pokemon Go. Not every family member can have the device to enjoy the game, so switching accounts work and prevents accounts from getting banned if there are multiple accounts on one device alone. 

Furthermore, how can one trade Pokemon with oneself? 

There is nothing you can do with them by yourself. Instead, you can share and send them to your mates, acquaintances, and friends on the friends’ list. Often Pokemon gifts include stuff like PokeBalls, potions, and an exclusive pink and yellow egg that ultimately hatches into Alolan, a form of Pokemon. 

The next logical question about having two Pokemon Go accounts is, how do you play on them. So, here is an ultimate guide to help you run several Pokemon Go accounts on a single device. Let’s dive in, pronto!

  • Install Parallel Space for iOS or Android. 
  • Open and allow the app to run by enabling all the permissions. 
  • Now, you need to tap Pokemon Go and allow Parallel Space to clone it. 

What is meant by spoof in the game Pokemon Go?

Spoofing basically refers to the strategy of tricking a location-aware device into showing or catching a location different from where it is actually operating. There are several methods to spoof a device. Here, some methods are easy as a walk in the park, while others are a tough row to hoe. 

What tricks can trigger your banishment in Pokemon Go?

If you are travelling very fast, considering GPS spoofing, or sharing your Pokemon Go accounts, the platform can ban you mildly with a slight warning for up to 12 hours in a row. You can check if you are soft banned or strictly banned by noticing that when you try to catch any Pokemon, it will flee immediately. 

Do Pokemon Go cheats exist?

There is a tremendous list of Pokemon Go Tips, tricks, and cheats that gamesters currently rely on to level up their game. All these cheats are innocuous and safe, allowing players to make the most of their Pokemon Go playing experience. 

Is it possible to link two Pokemon Go accounts?

Definitely, you can link two Pokemon Go accounts. You can do this by selecting a Pokemon home account where you want to transfer Pokemon by connecting to a different Nintendo account. You should also link this Nintendo account to the Pokemon Home Account you have chosen. 

Is Parallel Space totally free?

Parallel Space is absolutely free. It allows the gamer the ability to sign in and log into two separate user accounts at the same time. It does so by generating a different parallel area on the Android devices. The majority of the application goes well together with Parallel Space. 

And that’s all. We have walked you through the most common queries asked by the Pokemon Go Players. Now you can enjoy the game more ethically and freely!

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