Harry Potter House Quiz: An Insight Into Your Character

Welcome, Potterheads! You may not be in Hogwarts School physically, but that shouldn’t stop you from realizing your dream of becoming part of the wizards and witches universe. Here is your chance to be a part of the world of magic. Here is a dazzling opportunity for you to find your true calling and where do you belong. Now, say you are least interested in becoming a witch or a wizard, and you don’t want to get muddled up in anything that has to do with magic; well, that should not stop you from taking the harry potter house quiz because this is a personality test that will assess you, your likes and dislikes, your qualities and your traits.

You might have witnessed the iconic scene of the ‘sorting hat’ deciding the faith of each new admission to Hogwarts and wished that that would happen to you. The different houses into which the sorting hat groups the young wizards and witches are not baseless. It is premised upon their character, disposition and constitution. However, there is more to it to these houses than the mere taxonomy or ease of grouping. Each house is characterized by a series of characteristic features which are unique to them.

Different Hogwarts houses

  • Gryffindor: The famous trio that consisted of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley was a part of this well known and reputed house. Despite being very adventurous, they have this playful nature that often gets them into mischief and very much sticky situations. But their indomitable courage and sunny disposition often end up saving the day by saving them from the trouble and their other impulses.
  • Slytherin: If you fall under the category of Slytherin house, it is important to know that members of the house can be very discreet and ambitious. And it is tacit that they are brave. If you possess these qualities, it is sure that you will be very successful and competent in tiding over your challenges.
  • Ravenclaw: Creativity that knows no bounds; that is how you determine a person classified under Ravenclaw. They tend to be very creative and have a wild imagination that helps them do and think the impossible, and this trait comes in handy when you have a formidable opponent to defeat. There are often known for their craziness. However, this craziness is what makes them amiable and creative.
  • Hufflepuff: If you belong to the Hufflepuff house, then there is no doubting your compassion and loyalty. You are undoubtedly a kind-hearted human who is also the owner and possessor of a unique set of remarkable skills.

More than being a house for namesake, these are the houses that widely determine the personality and traits that a person who falls under might possess. So now, it is important to find the house that is home to you is.

Sorting Hat or quiz

Another important fact is that the Sorting Hat determines your calling at a very young age. And you might think that such sorting would be inaccurate and wrong. Such a deduction is based upon the fact that you cannot decipher one personality at such a young age. Even in real life, the behaviour and character of a person can be roughly laid out only once they have attained a certain age and a certain level of maturity. But J K Rowling has already made it specific that the Sorting Hat can never go wrong and that it is very wise. The book series and the movie series has given us several examples of that. The Sorting Hat is perfectly capable of sorting students into their houses where they rightly belong. This is made possible because the Hat knows their actions and tendencies perfectly for the coming years.

However, in real life, we neither have a Sorting Hat, nor we can predict the future. So how will we know where we truly belong? It is simple! Take the harry potter house quiz!

It is just a matter of a few minutes before you find more about yourself and your character. A quiz that doesn’t require you to be anywhere near Hogwarts or magic; a quiz that can be taken at any time anywhere. No matter who you are or how old you are, you are fit to take the quiz! Whether you are a muggle, or a witch or a wizard, whether you are 11 or 31; just spare some minutes to find your Hogwarts House with the help of the harry potter house quiz.

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